Sustainable Data Centre

Green Hosting

Our Data Centres are powered by renewable energy, and we search for the most sustainable hosting partners around the world.

Keeping a highly powerful device running 24/7 requires a large amount of energy. It is important to find a supply that is sustainable, ultra-low emissions, well managed, high security and cost effective.

Our Data Centres are
Low Emmision

The Best Locations Across the Globe

Renewable energy and security are our top criteria when selecting our site locations.

Each of our Data Centres are carefully managed – as well as routine maintenance, our engineers are onsite 24/7 in case of a technical emergency.

Sweden was just our first collaboration.
Our centres in Norway are 100% hydro-powered.
North America
North America

All of our Data Centres around the world are Tier 3

Forming a Nordic Super Cloud

We’re expanding our Data Centres throughout the Nordic Region.

With the cheapest power prices in the EU and a carbon footprint as low as 0.05g CO2 per kWh, we can offer cheaper and more sustainable solutions than ever

Hydro Powered Cloud

Our Data Centres in Norway and Sweden are Tier 3.

Our Nordic Data Centre are mainly powered by Hydropower plants, guaranteeing highly reliable, renewable energy.

Green and Cool

Energy consumption creates a lot of heat. Low annual average temperatures enable free air cooling for data centres all year around.

Free air cooling can lead to extreme levels of energy efficiency and therefore cost benefits for data centre customers.

Power your Cloud with Green Energy