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GPU for Video Rendering

Rendering is becoming increasingly sophisticated with 4k and 8k productions becoming more commonplace. These workloads require intense GPU power, and our cloud solutions give individual artists and large corporations alike the ability to produce higher quality work within budget.

What used to take weeks and months now takes hours and days with the cloud. You will never have to worry about whether a render job will finish in time for a deadline when you can scale your hardware accordingly.

Whether you work with VFX, CGI, 3D modelling, VR or motion graphics, we can save you time and free up your hardware.

Cloud GPU for
Deep Learning

Traditionally, it costs a lot of time and money to build, train, and deploy deep learning simulations. Cloud GPUs have now dramatically reduced the time and money needed for these simulations.  Our GPUs can be tailored to any AI and machine learning project and we can scale the specifications accordingly to your needs at the time.

We can enable you to analyse more data, backtest further and produce results faster with the ability to scale cost-effectively, and give you access to millions of TFLOPs of computation, for a fraction of the price of our competitors.

Whether it’s risk analysis or market research within the retail sector, content flagging and intelligent advertising for video streaming, or predictive analysis and trend observation in the medical field, our cloud GPUs for machine learning and AI can help you achieve almost any goal you can dream of.

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Simulations play a key role in any field of engineering; from structural stress design, to semiconductor and fluid flow Multiphysics simulations, CAE technology is becoming essential in prototype design.

Previously, engineering projects would need to run on a fixed capacity on hardware within the organisation. Realistically, you might need to run 5 simulations one day and 500 the next day to complete a project; this proves troublesome and time consuming when your GPU can’t scale with the project. By using cloud GPUs you receive an “infinite” capacity and you always have just the computing power you need at any given moment.

Cloud GPUs in CAE can run simulations faster, discover faults sooner, and make well-informed decisions more efficiently, increasing productivity and helping you to update your product portfolio faster.

Our GPUs can easily handle algorithms for finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), multibody dynamics (MBD), as well as for overall durability measuring and optimisations.

We are affordable, easy, secure, and simple to access

Material Science

Discovering, designing and researching new materials used to be up to trial and error. However, recent developments in HPC and cloud computing are allowing fields like quantum chemistry to run and test simulations when developing materials and new pharmaceuticals.

A huge amount of computational power needed to perform ab-initio molecular dynamics (AIMD) simulations, and typically has only been used in small scale scenarios. We can offer this GPU power on a large scale which can approximate the underlying models and equations.

Solving these advanced problems can give valuable insight into new materials at an atomic scale.

Cloud Based
Medical Imaging

The demand for healthcare services is always growing, and providers need medical imaging solutions that create images faster and improve image quality without increasing radiation exposure.

From deep learning artificial intelligence, trained in image recognition, using inference to look for and identify anomalies in x-rays, medical journals and epidemic patterns, to complex model solving to discover new pharmaceuticals, medical research is becoming increasingly dependent on powerful technology.

New research technologies such as next-generation sequencing and docking computation are on the rise, and our cloud GPUs are well equipped to handle all of these workloads at a fraction of the cost of using standard GPUs.

In healthcare, it is important that personal data remains personal. We can also offer you the ability to choose where your workload is processed, making compliance easier with big data.

Cloud GPU Gaming

Cloud GPU gaming is exploding after the release of Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, which omits the need for expensive home gaming set ups by connecting users to cloud power.

Users no longer need high performance setups to enjoy the latest games. People at home can now play some of the latest, most GPU-intense games in the world on something as simple as a smartphone. 

Cloud GPUs are quickly reinventing the gaming industry and the possible applications are huge for cloud gaming platforms. Our GPUs can be added into these platforms with ease and tailored to any specification.

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