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Offering Bare Metal and Virtual GPU Instances

NexGen Cloud is an advanced IaaS, providing clients with high-performance GPU Cloud Computing Power at a fraction of the price of leading competitors.

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Bare Metal Instances

Cut overheads without compromising on equipment or power. We give you the competitive edge you need to succeed within this fast-growing market.

Virtual Instances

Our cloud GPUs are bespoke to each service industry and completely scalable, meaning that you can create the perfect virtual instance for your personal needs.

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Dedicated physical servers

Bare Metal Instances

Bare Metal Instances provide you with root access to an entire server by using dedicated compute instances. This means you can run high performance, latency-sensitive, specialized, and traditional GPU workloads straight on server hardware.

You have total control and visibility over the server, meaning your workloads are completely secure on the cloud, whilst remaining physically isolated – all the perks of on-premises without the hassle.

If you have mission critical workloads throughout your organisation requiring extra computing power, and have all of the other tools/resources necessary, then our Bare Metal Servers can help.

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The Benefits of Bare Metal Servers

Complete Control

You have access to the whole server and can optimise and allocate instances on the cloud for each workload - just as you would on-premises.

A Whole Server Dedicated to your Needs

Bare Metal Instances are ideal for workloads that need to run in non-virtualised environments

Total Security

Cloud Computing is far more secure than on-premises. The physical separation of your workstation and server makes vulnerabilities harder to exploit.

More Secure on the Cloud than On-Premises

Bare Metal Instances are managed within a secure Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)

Peak Performance

Having direct access to hardware infrastructure with no virtualisation layers means that the server performs faster and applications yield better results.

Simpler Designs Mean Better Execution

All-flash local storage and high-performance block storage, provides the ideal platform for IOPS-intensive workloads.
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Virtual Instances

Virtual Instances allow you to segment the specifications of our dedicated GPU servers for a more customisable and scalable experience. If and when your workload increases, you can create another instance with the additional GPUs and specifications you require. 

Each virtual instance can also include whichever framework you desire to better suit the individual project you are working on.

By purchasing a i virtual instance that fits your precise professional needs, you will be able to optimize both your workflow and expenditure, while avoiding unnecessary costs.

The Benefits of Virtual Instances

Scalable as you Grow

Our GPUs can be tailored to any AI and machine learning project and we can scale the specifications accordingly to your needs


Whether your workload is big or small, you can customise your virtual instance to meet your exact computational needs, expenditure


Cloud Gaming Services are taking the community by storm. Our GPUs can easily be tailored for cloud gaming platforms

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