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GPU cloud computing

NexGen Cloud is an advanced IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), providing clients with high performance GPU Cloud Computing Power for their virtual workstations, at a fraction of the price of leading competitors.

With no hidden costs
Full transparency
Up to 10x cheaper

We offer some of the most advanced and up to date GPUs for virtual workstations and tailor them to your needs. Our unique, bespoke machines are rented on a ‘pay as you use’ basis, making our Cloud GPU pricing one of the most cost-effective on the market – up to 10x cheaper than our larger competitors.

Who we serve

We supply affordable and efficient GPU Cloud Computing power and services to a range of industries

Cloud GPU for Deep Learning

Our GPUs can be tailored to any AI and machine learning project and we can scale the specifications accordingly to your needs

GPU for Video Rendering

Whether you work with VFX, CGI, 3D modelling, VR or motion graphics, we can save you time and free up your hardware

Cloud GPU Gaming

Cloud Gaming Services are taking the community by storm. Our GPUs can easily be tailored for cloud gaming platforms

Cloud Based Medical Imaging

New research technologies are on the rise, and our cloud GPUs are well equipped to handle all of these workloads

Computer Aided Engineering

Cloud GPUs in CAE can run simulations faster, discover faults sooner, and make well-informed decisions more efficiently

Material Science

Recent developments are allowing fields like quantum chemistry to run and test simulations when developing materials and new pharmaceuticals

Contact us to know more how you can save up to 10x compared to leading cloud competitors. 

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Sustainable. Secure. Scalable.

100% Green Hosting

We believe in a sustainable, carbon emission-free future – all our hardware is placed in upper tier Data Centres and powered by renewable energy. Our GPU’s are all top of the range, focused across a mix of consumer and enterprise cards from Nvidia and AMD.

Passion is what drives us

We are affordable, secure, and simple to access

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Leading the future of technology

Pioneers of Cloud Computing and Web 3.0

NexGen Cloud is on a mission to disrupt the Cloud Computing Market.

We have built one of the fastest growing Decentralised Infrastructure project in Europe. Our Decentralised Storage Solutions are paving the way for Web 3.0 integrations.

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