The future of Cloud GPU Computing

NexGen Cloud and its advanced infrastructure can offer cheap, efficient and simple to use compute power and services for the enterprise cloud market, supporting power to the most advanced workloads from machine learning, video rendering, artificial intelligence, material science and many more.

NexGen is typically up to 10 times cheaper than its larger competitors, with a constant drive to offer such services powered by carbon emission free electricity, and deliver some of the most advanced computer processor and graphics card power at affordable prices.

Get in touch to find out how our clients have the ability to use some of the most up to date Graphics Processing Power, and use our Infrastructure as a Service. We believe on providing a personalised human touch to our high-performance compute services.

We are affordable, easy, secure, and simple to access. This is the rise of the private networks.


Our unique, bespoke machines are rented on a ‘pay as you use’ basis, which makes your requirements very cost effective.

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There are no hidden costs, we provide full transparency, and we are consistently low cost – we don’t need to offer a free trial!

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DATA Centres

We use supplies that are sustainable, ultra-low emissions, well managed, high security and cost effective.

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